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The key points of Maslow’s theory

  • Psychology and the psychologist should look at the positive side of the human beings.
  • There must be more to living than just being battered by a hostile environment or by depraved instincts (which may actually be leading to self-destruction).
  • People’s needs are not low level and base. We have positive needs that may become neutral in the worst cases, but will not turn negative or base.
  • Human behavior does respond to needs but we will be wrong in saying that all our needs are only physiological in nature.
  • Needs motivate human action; such needs are very few in number.
  • Basically a stage theory.
  • The needs at one level have to be met in order for one to move on a higher order.
  • The needs at the lowest/primary/base level are the physiological needs, whereas the highest order needs are the self-actualization needs.

Self-actualization: most advanced human need based on the desire to grow and utilize one’s potential up to the optimal level.

Categories of needs

  1. Meta needs: based on desire to grow rather than for meeting a deficiency: expressed in the need for self actualization.
  2. Deficiency needs: the absence of the underlying requirements triggers these needs (physiological needs, love needs or esteem needs)

Interactions and needs of behavior

Physiological needs: fulfilled through = hunger/food → Pathology associated = overeating, anorexia.

Safety needs: fulfilled through = profession, job → Pathology associated = phobias.

Love and belongings: fulfilled through = marriage, friendship → Pathology associated = antisocial personality.

Esteem needs: fulfilled through = awards, honors, scholarship → Pathology associated = depression.

Self-actualization needs: fulfilled through = painting, writing, singing → Pathology associated = isolation, alienation, cynicism.

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