Most of the time when you buy something, you don’t think of it as an addiction or a problem or if you really need it. Below are 6 types of addicted buyers and I hope this will help you understand more about yourself.

  1. Gadgets collector – This type of buyer feel the need to buy anything new that came from the electronic market (smart phones, computers, tablets, etc), even though may be no difference between the previous release of a phone and the current release.
  2. Connoisseur collector – This type of buyer buy anything he sees and things will make a profit from it later, even though it may not be his style, but as long as it will bring money he sees that object as an investment.
  3. Souvenir collector – This type of buyer will search to find the last item that is out there about , let’s say, Star Wars. He will go to conventions, clubs, anywhere to make his collection bigger, even though his collection will take almost all the space from his house and his life.
  4. Fashion follower – This type of buyer will spend a fortune on designer and luxurious clothes, bags and other accessories that he sees on his favourite celebrities. He won’t wear many of the designer items that he bought.
  5. Impulsive buyer – This type of buyer is a big fan of teleshopping, discounts and other deals even though he don’t need all these items, he will end up spending a fortune on it.
  6. Motivational literature buyer – This type of buyer will buy all the motivational and inspirational books, CDs, DVDs, online courses, webinars or tickets to motivational presentations, hoping that his life will change and will be better. Some of them learn something from all these motivational purchases and manage to change their lives, but most often they will end up in the same life with rooms full of motivational books and DVDs.

I like a discount, who doesn’t like it, and I need some motivation and inspiration in my life, as everyone needs, but I don’t buy everything that looks like a deal (I studied marketing so I know how advertising and promotions work 😉 ) and I don’t buy everything that is related to motivational because it could be the same thing written by a different person, so I like to read a little preview of the book before I purchase it, to see if it offers something different or not.

So what type of buyer are you? 🙂

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